Dear guest and visitors,

we are glad you are visiting us.


We gladly offer you our holiday houses for your private usage.


A comfortable totally equiped house with guaranted cossines,

will  make you enjoy your time with us.


Questions to this topic will be happily anwsered ,

and other whises will try to be made possible for your comfortability.


Our objects are handed over with a pre-made cleaning,

also cleanings in between your time can be arranged,

at the point to hand the house back over , the house should be cleaned ,

no rubish should be left back and the laundry should be put together at one place.


Handling a proper house back is directly in contact with the payback of the pre-payed caution.


We ask you to keep house order in order to not disturb.


We wish you a good arriving,

a relaxed time with a lot of positive impresions,

until then  we wish you a good time!

Heinz Finke